The Nerd to MetaDucky Dictionary

Greetings fellow Philosophers! This is your Rent-A-Friend with today’s Metaphysical lesson. First off, I need to tell you what Metaphysical means. I was talking to my suave and cool friend, Bert and I told him about this blog. He said, “What’s it about?” and I said, “Metaphysics.” He replied, “I don’t even know what that means.” And I thought, of course he doesn’t. He isn’t a nerd.

Don’t worry, I know you aren’t either. Someday, thanks to friends like me (Rented or otherwise), cool, good looking people like you will know all the wild stuff nerds have been hording for themselves. To start with, META is a Greek prefix (It goes at the start of a word) that means After, or Beyond. Chemistry asks “What’s it made of?” Physics asks “What does it do?Metaphysics asks “Why is it and why does it do what it does?
In short- BEYOND Physics is Metaphysics. So, let’s go beyond! Today I’m just offering you the basic definitions. Nothing fancy. In the near future I’ll get into details. This is a reference for those of you looking to understand your rubber ducks. Metaphorically speaking.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Keep this in the Glove Compartment

GOD– Eternal, all powerful, self-existent, Creator of the universe and all things physical and spiritual.
God is (More or less indirectly) the cause and ruler of all rubber duckies.

Reality– God and his creation. Includes the physical universe, time/space, spiritual creations, events and all of the properties of God and his creation.
Anything Real, including rubber duckies (does NOT include the ducky in your dreams)

Context– The real facts surrounding a piece of data; the culture, language, time, place, etc. in which words, thoughts, or perceptions exist.
For example, when and where your rubber duck is while you ponder it.

Prior Knowledge
– Those pieces of information already in the mind of an observer- not necessarily accurate.
Any previous experience you may have had with your rubber ducky, or any knowledge you already have about rubber, ducks, or the color yellow before you come to ponder your ducky.

– The five senses gathering information about reality through contact with it (eyes, ears, nose, skin, brain, etc.).
Looking at your ducky, smelling it, tasting it, feeling it, or, in select special cases, reaching out to it with the Force™.

Truth– Word, thought, or picture accurately reflecting reality (in as far as the word, thought or picture intends to reflect it).
What you say about the ducky describes the actual ducky with no inaccuracies. Rubber ducks don’t like being lied about. But who does?

– Word, thought, or picture NOT accurately reflecting reality. i.e.- a lie.
For instance, if you call your rubber ducky a plastic chicken. It’s close, but wrong, and it will not make them happy. Again, would you like to be called a plastic chicken?
I didn’t think so.

– Total perception over some period of time, and internal response to perceptions (Physical, Mental, and Emotional).
As Bob Dylan used to say, “You need to do more than just know about the ducky. You have to Experience the ducky, man!”

– The mental attempt to answer “Why?” Experiences are compared to find predictive patterns for causation of perceptions/experiences in the context of prior knowledge.
For instance- “Why is the ducky Yellow? Why is he not  Puce, Chartreuse, Cyan, Fuchsia, or any of the other colors that are only used by artsy weirdos that normal people couldn’t identify in a police line up with the three little pigs? ”

Logic– The mental exercise of using reason to discover truth by creating links of causation, meaning, or categories of definition for things, ideas, events, etc. Most often related to the art of argumentation. Goes beyond reason by going beyond perception, experience or prior knowledge.
For instance, “If the ducky was blue, could it be argued that it would be sold for more money to the same target demographic as a yellow ducky? What about if he doubled as an MP3 player?”

– The will, choice, or hope to embrace something as truth.
“If I put my ducky on the couch, I have faith that my cat will not eat him. I don’t have the same amount of faith in my dog.”

– An idea embraced as truth through faith
“I believe that, when I squeeze him, rubber ducky makes noise.”

Knowledge– Ideas believed to be truth because of faith, logic, reason, or education.
“Rubber Ducky, I know I am awfully fond of you.”

– A statement proposed as Truth either about a thing observed, or about the observer’s response to the thing observed.
“My rubber duck is the cutest rubber duck of all.”

Self Awareness– A sentient being’s ability to perceive and analyze his own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs and self awareness.
“I am aware of my feelings of fondness for my rubber ducky as they pertain to the time of bathing.”

Rubber Ducky
– A metaphysical point of philosophical discourse comprised of the sap of the rubber tree, formed in the likeness of a species in the Anatidae family of birds, which is known for making bath-time lots of fun. (See also “Joy of Joys.”)

OK, that’s all you need for now. Next time I’ll start breaking these babies down for you one at a time. You’ll be able to chat with the nerds almost like you’re one of them soon enough, except that you’ll look debonair.

You’re welcome.

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Rocking my 40's with a heart full of love and muffins, science and technology. Jesus loves me and wants me to totally rock! And I am here to help.

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