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One of the great buzz words in modern Christian apologetics is “World View.” What this means is the philosophy that you see the world through. It’s the set of beliefs and assumptions that you use to understand, judge, and/or evaluate the world and your experiences. One of the ways you can evaluate a World View is by trying to figure out how you would have to live if that world view was really true.

For instance, there is a very popular metaphysical view that truth is relative. It’s called, Relativism. (Real creative, right?) Relativism teaches the idea that what is true for you is not necessarily true for me. This sounds great on paper because it seems open minded, as if no one is ever wrong. However, it’s really just a way for someone to say, “What you believe in is stupid,” without making themselves feel like they are not open-minded, much in the same way people sugar-coat racism by calling it “Diversity.” But I digress.

Evaluating this world view is easy. We can just apply it to a real life situation.

Real Life Situation #1- Steve, a long time smoker, goes to see his doctor.

STEVE: …so, I’ve been coughing up blood for some time now, I feel sick, and all that other stuff I told you about on the phone.

DOCTOR: Well, Steve, like I’ve been telling you for several years, smoking causes cancer, and now it seems you have cancer. We’ll have to start you on therapy immediately, and you will have to stop smoking once and for all.

STEVE: That might be true for you, but that’s certainly not true for me.

DOCTOR: Steve, you’ll be dead in three months if we don’t start treatment now.

STEVE: Hey, if that belief works for you, that’s great. I’m glad you have something to believe in. I just don’t see that idea working for me.

DOCTOR: Steve, I’m serious. You have to make some serious life style changes…

STEVE: Woah, I said I was happy for you, but don’t go forcing your beliefs on me pal. Look, I’ve been pretty tolerant of your faith in the past, but this is going too far.

DOCTOR: Tolerant of my faith?

STEVE: Yeah, if you want to believe that smoking is bad for you, go ahead. That might be true for you, but I’ve told you that it’s just not true for me. I’m not going to make you smoke if you don’t want to. I have my own beliefs and they work for me, so you really need to stop forcing your views on me.

DOCTOR: Your lungs look like a freshly sealed driveway. There’s enough tar in your lungs to drown a stegosaurus.

STEVE: That’s it. You’re just too close minded. I’m gonna go find a doctor that shares my views.

Exit Steve.

This can be done with other, more socio-political views. Take modern feminism. A hundred years ago, feminism used to be built on the wacky notion of equal value between the sexes, since the Bible clearly says God made men AND WOMEN in His image. This made many people think that women should be treated, not as property, but as equal citizens who can own property, work a job, and vote. Thanks to Darwinism and the 1960’s, our culture has abandoned this view of feminism.  Now “feminists” stand for ideals like, Marriage is slavery for women, men are all scum, and men and women are only different in their physical attributes and are absolutely the same mentally and emotionally, except that men are scum.  As Sheila Cronan once put it, “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking marriage.”

The great thing about political movements is, you find out fairly easy if people can live their own views. Modern feminist poster-child Gloria Steinem preached for years that marriage is slavery for women and men are scum. Then she got married. To a man. Imagine that wedding ceremony.

Unitarian Priest: Do you take this woman, to love, honor, and obey, because you are scum, and she is taking mercy on you by enslaving herself to you in this fashion, till death do you part?

The Groom: Um, Honey?

Gloria: He does.

The problem is the underlying World View. Modern American feminism is no longer based on the Biblical concept of humans, male and female, being made in God’s image and therefore having equal value. It’s based on a Naturalistic view of accidental evolution, where in nothing has a purpose or value except that chosen by the individual. Feminism now teaches that women must reject every social construct that tells them what a woman should be, and be only what she chooses to be. Unless the individual chooses to be a wife and mother. Then they argue that she has been brainwashed by men.

Being an atheist is the darkest proposition of all. In a World View where there is NO God, no spirituality, no heaven, no hell, no absolute morals, only matter and the laws of physics, where do good and evil come from? Very simply, there is none. Love itself is only a matter of varying chemical levels in your brain. Yet, you’ll find it hard to find an atheist couple who gets engaged to this proposal:

Man: Of all the meaningless bipedal primates I know, you cause the greatest increase in my endorphins. Since my brain chemistry has caused me to be attracted to you, I think we should get married, but obviously I feel I am under no moral obligation to remain married to you once my brain chemistry changes. And of course I have no intent of remaining faithful to you at all, since the social norm condemning adultery is based in religion, which I reject, and I am a slave to my hormones. Which reminds me, I have a date with your sister tomorrow. Can she borrow your car?

Human life is not special in this World View. It was not made in the image of God. It’s only one more step in an accidental and directionless process- a process which involves a lot of animals each other. The greatest person you know differs from the gum stuck to your shoe, not in their purpose and value, but only in their physical complexity. Both are accidental, and only one tastes like strawberry. Yet, you can go to a thousand atheist funerals and you will never hear anyone say, “So he’s dead. So what? Nothing much is different except that his biological functions have ceased, which will cause his organic matter to decompose into inorganic matter. He was a meaningless accident of evolution who came from nothing, went to nothing, and didn’t even taste like strawberry!” Which is just as well, because you’d never fit all of that onto the headstone.

When all is said and done, no one can live a truly atheist life. No one can really view themselves, their life and the people around them from the lens of a Godless, purposeless, valueless, moral-less material existence. No one really can live as if that were true. Therefore, not only do I reject the world view of atheism, but I have decided I no longer believe in atheists. There simply isn’t any good evidence for their existence. You can believe in them if you want, but their existence isn’t true for me.

Well, you know what I mean…


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