Evolution 101-part 7: Rocks for Jocks and the Snooze Bar

Remember, normal text is copied from Evolution 101 by the Understanding Evolution team! (2004 CosPlay Team of the year) http://evolution.berkeley.edu/

BOLD font is me, Rent A Friend 2000, being Bold.

Stratigraphy provides a sequence of events from which relative dates can be extrapolated.

This I where the biologists say, Proof of evolution? Sure- the geologist have it! And the geologists say, not us! The chemists have it! And the chemists say, why would WE have it? Ask the biologists! Much like the radio dating methods, these are based on a PILE of assumptions, the first being that the earth is billions of years old. Again, the problems with this branch of pseudoscience would take pages, but let me sum up a few key points:

The geologic column you see in text books representing the alleged billions of years does not exist ANYWHERE in the world. Cited by many as the best example of the geologic record by many geologists, the Grand Canyon is a mile deep collection of layers which is MISSING 90+% of the alleged time of evolutionary history. The excuse will be that erosion took away the imaginary layers, but then the ones which remain have been UNTOUCHED by erosion of any kind for the thousands of years they supposedly took to form. They are horizontal, flat, and extend for hundreds or even thousands of miles across the continent, yet somehow formed without being burrowed into by plants or animals, or dug into by sun, rain, and wind, or rivers and streams. The earliest, and many of today’s best geologists acknowledge the flood of Noah to be the only event which would make sense of such huge and even rock deposits. For more on the Grand Canyon- Check out Ian Juby discussing it HERE.

So, how do we determine the age of these rock layers? Simple- we use index fossils. This means if the rock has a fossil in it of an animal we know that lived 300 million years ago, the rock must be 300 million years old (Unless it’s a coelacanth, but I digress). How do we know the fossil is 300 million years old? Simple- we find it in rock which is 300 million years old. This is where you expect me to say something about radio dating methods. OK, here you go: They almost never have anything to do with this.

Because radio dating is expensive and shoddy at best, most people never radio date their fossil finds. They use this index fossil method of dating the fossil by the rock, and dating the rock by the fossil. If you need an example of circular reasoning, you won’t find a better one than this.

Molecular clocks allow scientists to use the amount of genetic divergence between organisms to extrapolate backwards to estimate dates.

OK, maybe this example of circular reasoning is as good as the last. Here’s how this works- we assume evolution has happened over millions and millions of years (Do you see how many of these proofs for evolution require you to believe evolution at the start?). Then we take two animals on the phylogenic charts (See: “Speculative guesswork” above) and then, we see how different the two animals are genetically, divided by the number of years our chart (Guesswork) says it’s been since those two animals began their evolutionary walk away from each other. This gives us the rate at which they have been evolving.

Let me clarify again: If you start with the evolutionary assumptions based on unobserved, speculative guesswork, you can figure out how fast DNA changes (if your assumptions are correct), and use that to date the amount of time the evolution you started out assuming as fact has allegedly been going on.

Do I even need to explain why this isn’t science?

Let me hit you with a fabu` metaphor. We are in the desert watching a turtle walk along, and I say, “It’s amazing! This turtle is a thousand years old!”

You say, “How do you know?”

And I say, “By observing this turtle, we can see that over the course of a year, his cumulative migration is westward. During his various activities all year, he tends to move more west than east. Thus each year, he moves a mile further west.”

Because you have watched this turtle for a few years, you know it is true. “Yes,” you reply, “That turtle lived a mile east of here last year, and a mile east of that the prior year.”

 “Yes! And because we know he started on the east coast, we know he is a thousand years old.”

“Hold on,” you say. “How do we know he started on the east coast?”

“Because,” I explain with exasperated sarcasm due to your thickness, “He’s been moving a mile a year west for a thousand years, and the coast is a thousand miles east of here!”

At this point, even the turtle rolls his eyes.

Before we leave molecular clocks, let me point out something which they will be addressing in a few chapters (Or rather glossing over). There are species which do not change at all for long periods (as they interpret the fossil record). We call this, Stasis. The horseshoe crab, for instance, has apparently not changed (on the evolutionary model and timescale) for 500 million years. Whatever assumptions you need to make to use the molecular clocks mean nothing when a 500 million year old crab goes walking by. It seems that clock has a MASSIVE snooze button, and this crab has been pounding that button for eons.


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