The Atheism Orthodoxy CHALLENGE!

Dear friends,

I was having a rousing discussion on Twitter with the People’s Atheist (@PplsAtheist ) and a great question came up which I would like your help in addressing:

What is Atheism Orthodoxy?

I am not asking what all Atheists believe (for I’m sure they believe all sorts of things), but rather “What are the tenants of a consistent Atheism?”
That is, if an atheist is consistent, and not a hypocrite or stealing pieces of Christianity as they suit him- what is the list of Atheist faith statements which MUST LOGICALLY follow from the starting point of denying the existence of God?

As I told the People’s Atheist, IF you declare positively, “There is no God,” then certain other beliefs logically MUST follow. While self-professing atheists may not hold to them, there are certain doctrines of Atheism which are part of that worldview, whether they hold them or not, whether they like them or not.

So, my request to you is, can you please help me make the list of Atheism Orthodoxy. What must any Atheist believe to not be self-defeating, hypocritical, or inconsistent?

And have fun with it.

Thanks for your time!
Bryan Thomas (Writer at Creation Soapbox)

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