Dear Twitterverse (A note to high school drop outs on social media)

As we share our various postings in the Twitterverse, I find there are people both overconfident and undereducated who feel the need to argue with me in a terse and snotty manner. Certainly everyone has the right to argue with me if they feel I am wrong, and they are even welcome to add whatever snot they feel defends their position. What I wish people would know without being told is how to do this on Twitter. As they do not, I shall here provide a little help.

This is all I’m getting you for Christmas.

Point one- don’t be vague and expect that I know what moment in my most recent post or eight minute video you are commenting on. A comment like “Do you have any scientific literature to back that up?” assumes I am both capable of reading minds and have the desire to read yours. Of course I can read minds, and I CAN read yours, but I CAN also spend my time at the bus station reading the profanities on the bathroom walls. I simply choose not to, and for many of the same reasons.

When you tweet your argument against me, make SOME indication as to what “that” is when you ask me if I can back “that” up. Seriously. Pronouns are useful, but not in a vacuum. You know, like candles, or frogs.

Point two- try and make your comments readable. Far too often I am forced to stare at someone’s Tweet and think, “Obviously English is not this person’s first language.” In a series of recent tweets, a twit left me argumentative comments which looked as if they were in part copied out of a users manual for a VCR. I literally had no idea what some of them meant. If I have to guess at your meaning, you need to try harder. I know there are limited characters, but it’s not like most of you have much to say anyway. Many of my detractors could save themselves a lot of time by simply posting, “I don’t understand your position, but you’re wrong and I hate you.” Having engaged a few in conversation, this is all many of them have to say when all is said and done. I think there is value in efficiency.

Point three- If you send me a link, explain why, and make sure it is a real link to something educational. Again, a recent twit decided to pretend he was sending me a science article and instead sent me… something inappropriate. Suffice it to say, I banished him to the realm of eternal darkness (instagram) and blocked him from my feed. God bless whoever at Twitter came up with the mute button.

Ok kids, be careful out there. The Twitterverse can be a dangerous place. Whatever you do, do it well, be kind, rewind, and to program the record feature see page 47. Check to see if your television and VCR are on the correct channel to record. In most areas that is channel 3 or 4. Make sure the Digital Adapter is tuned to the channel you wish to record. Make sure the time is set correctly on your VCR.

And Merry Christmas.



About rentafriend2000
Rocking my 40's with a heart full of love and muffins, science and technology. Jesus loves me and wants me to totally rock! And I am here to help.

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