Confessions of a YEC part1: WHY am I a YOUNG Earth Creationist?

WHY would anyone be a Young Earth Creationist? Let me give you a few reasons…


Most people know there is a large, secret subculture in America who reject Darwinian Evolution. Christians and Jews look at the Bible and say, “There’s not a lot of room for Evolution in there.”Intelligent design proponents look at DNA and molecular machines in living cells and say, “There is no way in the name of science that these things came about without a brilliant designer guiding the process.”And some people just look at the mechanisms of evolution and realize that they would fail to cause anything but extinctions.

There is, however, some disagreement within the “evolution deniers” as to the age of the earth. People like me say the earth is about 6,000 years old, but many people who would call themselves “Old Earth Creationists” (OEC) would claim the earth/universe to be anywhere from tens of thousands of years old to billions of years old. It depends on…

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