Confessions of a YEC part 11- The Not So Smoking Gun of the Big Bang


Now let’s take a look into the smoking gun of the Big Bang: The Cosmic Background Radiation. Discovered by accident in 1964, it’s basically a faint glow of heat, everywhere we look in the night sky. It’s Cosmic, it lurks in the background, and like all mutant superheros, it’s powered by radiation. Cosmic. Background. Radiation.

THAT is how you name science stuff!  It sounds like the title of a Marvel comic series where in teh whole UNIVERSE is threatened! It even starts with the word COSMIC. That’s BIGGER than “Big,” even without a sound effect after it.
“Big Bang.” Pttthhhh!

Anyhoo, to see why the smoking gun isn’t the airtight case it gets peddled as, all you need is a little science history. The low background heat of the universe was being predicted and searched for LONG before any Bang was expected. Scientists assumed that, because stars are constantly sending…

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