Confessions of a YEC part 15- Fossils Date the Rocks Date the Fossils Date the Rocks



I’ve been explaining why I am a Young Earth Creationist, which means we’re looking into SCIENCE! Recently we’re looking into the alleged evidences for deep time which are used to show that the Genesis account of creation in a single week about 6,000 years ago must be wrong. So far the Big Bang has failed, and now we’re seeing how geology also does nothing to falsify YEC (Young Earth Creationism). What Geology does is examine the layers of rock which exist on all continents on earth. Last time, we saw that those layers can form very quickly, so having a lot of layers does not necessarily mean we have a lot of time. It can mean we had a BIG mudslide or massive flood. That works for us. We believe there was a massive flood. It was nothing like the movie with Russel Crowe and Hermoine Granger.

The layers we…

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