Harry Potter and the Human Genome (or, the Magical World of Charles Darwin)

Harry Potter, #evolution and other works of fiction about magical, impossible events. Good reading, sure. But not science.


Ever wonder how much information is in every single one of your cells? Here’s a Rowling metaphor that might help.

One page of text holds about 3000 characters– that’s MS Word, size 12 font with default margins.

The Human Genome (The complete list of our DNA) is made up of Three Billion base pairs, arranged in 46 chromosomes. Thus there are about 65,000,000 base pairs per chromosome. *

65,000,000 Base pairs per chromosome/ 3000 characters per page = 21,666 pages of text per chromosome.

There are about 4,000 pages of text in the seven book Harry Potter Series.

Thus one chromosome is as much information- if written out- as about 5 ½ copies of the entire Harry Potter series.


and the human genome would be equal to about almost 250 copies of the entire Harry Potter Series. That’s this many:


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