Shooting the Messenger Doesn’t Change the Message

I recently wrote a post invoking the name of a very controversial man: Ian Juby. He is a congenial Canadian who happens to be a member of Mensa (The genius club*) and a robotics engineer who has done a lot of personal study of geology and paleontology. The reason why he’s controversial is simple- he’s a young earth creationist who has done lots of GREAT work making the creation/evolution debate easy to understand and showing how very badly evolution fails when held up to the observable evidence. Apparently this upsets a lot of people. I referred an uninformed Twitter citizen to Juby’s youtube channel, suggesting that he learn something about Creation science before he tries to mock it. Immediately I had skeptical minds calling Juby an “idiot” and demanding to know his credentials.

tim hortons with Juby

Sharing a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee with Ian Juby- my 3rd best Canadian friend!

People do this to Juby all the time, as well as anyone who dares to question the sacred mythology of Darwin. They intend to say that someone who doesn’t have a PhD should NOT be saying anything about science. What’s embarrassing to these people is when you give them a list of PhD’s like Dr. Georgia Purdom (Biology), and Dr. Jason Lyle (Astrophysics), and Dr. David Menton (Washington University School of Medicine), etc. They either quickly change the subject, abandon the conversation and vanish into the land of wind and ghosts, or, if they are a Roach Clown, they continue to mock the PhD’s for any of a list of stupid reasons, including “No REAL scientist rejects Evolution, so these people can’t be REAL scientists!”

Sigh, roll eyes, face-palm, sigh again.

What should be more obvious than it is, is the fact that, when you have to decide if an idea is true or not, it really doesn’t matter WHO makes the statement. What matters is whether the statement is true or not. The pursuit of a person’s credentials is  a completely different topic. If Ian Juby’s formal education was in nothing more than using crayons**, that would not make Evolution true or Creation false. If it could be shown that he had the highest IQ on earth, that would not make Evolution false or Creation true. Evolution and Creation are worldviews and scientific models which stand or fall on their own merits, not on the qualifications of the people proposing them. The Biblical account of Creation is true BECAUSE IT REALLY HAPPENED. It doesn’t matter who teaches it, or who rejects it. The only thing that matters is what is true.

If that doesn’t seem blindingly obvious to you, then you make me sad.

When Elmo teaches us the alphabet, no one is daffy enough to demand his English Literature degree, or when the Count teaches us the number of the day, no one would suggest he can’t be qualified to talk about numbers without a PhD in calculus. So why do they make these ridiculous demands of Ian Juby (and occasionally, me)? I strongly suspect its because they know they can’t answer the position with any reason, so they try to attack the next best thing- the messenger. But the truth doesn’t change when its told by someone new, and the right mouth doesn’t turn a lie into the truth. If the Devil of Hell told you the sky was blue, I’d still call him the “Father of Lies,” but the darn thing would still be blue. When a small, furry, red puppet with a squeaky voice tells us that the alphabet starts with the letter A, it doesn’t matter that he still hasn’t finished his doctoral dissertation on Grammatical Ascending Hierarchy. The only thing that matters is that what he said is true. A fact doesn’t become untrue even when told to you by the right hand of a man wrapped in fabrics pretending to be a four year old monster. You heard it here first.

Don’t fall for this sad little trap. If you declare the truthfulness of scripture by defending the first two chapters of the Bible and someone demands your credentials, just remind them that Charles Darwin only had a degree in theology***. If we’re going to start determining the debate of creation vs evolution by the credentials of the people making claims, then I suggest we start with the lazy slacker who dropped out of Med school and got his degree in theology, and went on to prove himself a rotten theologian and an even worse scientist who married his first cousin and then published a book of fairy tales- Charles “Uncle Chuck” Darwin. Once we’ve dealt with Darwin, then we can talk about Ian Juby. I can say with confidence that Juby has NOT married his own cousin.

And if I haven’t said so recently, I suggest you all check out Juby’s excellent channel. And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.


*The Genius Club is not a sandwhich. Which is a shame.

**I spent an entire semester in college using crayons- true story. They are a vastly underrated tool.

***Charles earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology in 1831.


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7 Responses to Shooting the Messenger Doesn’t Change the Message

  1. scmike2 says:

    The logic you’ve used here is almost too simple, RAF! Hence, the reason those who deem themselves ‘intellectuals’ can never seem to grasp it. Such simple wisdom escapes those who would rather argue against their own existence and their own ability to even know anything, simply because acknowledging the contrary can and does always lead to realities that must, at all costs, be avoided by the ‘thinking man’ (and all in the name of ‘free thought’, no less). The irony of it would almost be funny if it weren’t (as you rightly stated) so sad.

    P.S. I was glad to see you reference Dr. Jason Lisle in your post! I have enjoyed and benefitted from his book, ‘The Ultimate Proof of Creation’, very much. Have you read it too?

    • Thanks for you comments! I’ve not read Dr Lisle’s book, but I have seen him lecture on it in the past. Its always enjoyable to learn more about how God is not just reasonable, but is the reason we have reason. Perhaps I shall check that out some time. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. cherifields says:

    Love it! This is such an important concept to grasp and I appreciate the kid friendly examples. I shall remember this if any one throws my own total lack of formal titles at me, too. 😀
    PS I’m a super fan of the two lady creation scientists I know of. The one you mention has the first name of Georgia.

    • Thanks for you kind words. And thanks for catching that spelling mistake. GEORGIA Purdom. I guess I need to watch more Elmo. I love Dr Purdom’s lectures on cellular and genetic biology. What’s your other fav lady creation scientist?

      • cherifields says:

        Dr. Jean Lightner. I’m fascinated by her specialty of adaptation. It’s one of the stickier subjects for us because of everyone’s confusion with creationism=fixism, so the more we can understand of the limits and controls of adaptation, the better. 🙂

      • Yes! I have recently become familiar with her through her appearances on Genesis Week and Creation today. I believe I saw a bit of her lecture on the Genesis Science Network, though I cannot remember the topic. Good to see the smart women of Creation Science getting some air time.

      • cherifields says:

        That’s a great video. Besides doing great research, the other thing I’ve noticed about both lady creation scientists is how good at explaining things they are. ERVs aren’t a simple thing to describe, but Dr. Lightner did an amazing job. 🙂

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