Dugging Into Your Sinful Past (or, Hypocrisy of the Roach Clowns)

Here’s the background: The Duggars are America’s biggest Christian family (as seen on TV!), with more than twenty kids last time I counted. One of the older kids, now an adult with wife and kids of his own, works in Washington for some conservative group. To be honest, I didn’t look into the details much because they don’t matter to the point I’m going to make.

The big story that just came out is that this older son did some VERY inappropriate things with girls near himself (a couple of sisters and a babysitter from what I gather on the webs) which can be summed up under the term “Sexual Abuse.” Naturally, as this guy is a conservative Christian, the Liberal left wet their pants with joy that they had stones to throw.

The Christian right looked and said,
1. This is horrible, inexcusable and sinful.
2. It was many years ago, when he was 14. And the guilt of what he had done drove him to confess to his parents in tears back then. No one forced this confession out of him recently. HE hadn’t been covering it up, let alone anyone else.
3. His father dealt justice when it occurred. Everyone got therapy just in case, and Josh (the guilty one) paid for his own.
4. Since this was an isolated incident (isolated to his youth, though technically more than a single event), for which he repented and was dealt justice, and as we have no reason to believe he ever did anything like it again the many years since, we felt no need to dump more condemnation on him.

Checking the Twittersphere, some Roach Clowns were OUTRAGED that we would offer forgiveness to a sinner who has repented and turned away from his sin- which, I would like to stress, is what JESUS does, and so SHOULD be what we always do. One such Twitt called it hypocrisy that we would “Cover up” sexual sin in the church instead of crucifying this Duggar guy. Later he would express a rejection of the very idea of sin, and then try to tell me that there is no such thing as objective morals. Which makes me wonder how he decided that sexual abuse was wrong and should be condemned. But I digress.

Here’s the point. When someone embraces a lifestyle of sexual sin which the Bible condemns and we also condemn the sinful lifestyle, the Roach Clowns come out of the woodwork to call us all kinds of profanity laden names for being so “judgmental.”  When a sinner stops sinning and repents and we offer forgiveness, these same Roach Clowns come out of the woodwork to condemn us for not being more condemning.

For many years I have heard people say Christians are hypocrites. From where I sit, the Roach Clowns are the ones who have THAT market cornered.

Ok, church, here’s your lesson-
1. Flee immorality. Seriously. STAY FAR AWAY.
2. It’s not judgmental to call sin what GOD has called sin. It’s arrogant NOT to.
3. When a sinner repents, Jesus forgives them. We have no right to condemn those whom Jesus has forgiven.
4. That doesn’t mean we can’t send them to jail or demand other restitution when necessary. Forgiveness from us means we let go of bitterness and the demand for revenge, not that we let civil justice fail.
5. And when the Roach Clowns come out to tweet about how we should react to sin, Twitter has this wonderful little button called “Mute.” Just keep that thing in mind.

Thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.


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