Defining Evolution Ch 3 Summary: Four Things Evolution HAS to be

Is Evolution just ANY kind of Change? Like, if you could take every worm on earth and toss them into a volcano, would THAT be evolution?

Welcome again to Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution)! In this week’s chapter the boys use the Darwinian Tree of life to discover what KIND of changes are called for, and what Evolution is and is not. After all, a lot of things can happen to living things, whether they be individuals or populations or entire species. But not all of those things are Darwinian evolution. Not all of them will create new kinds of plants and animals and grow the Darwinian Tree of life. In order to make clear what Evolution isn’t, they also contrast it with Biblical Creation. Then they eat a huge pile of Nachos.

In this week’s video, your Rent-A-Friend (Bryan) explains the four things which Evolution HAS to be in order to BE Darwinian Evolution, and grow that Tree of Life, and contrasts it with a description of Biblical Creation.

Read Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution) Ch 3 HERE.



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One Response to Defining Evolution Ch 3 Summary: Four Things Evolution HAS to be

  1. cherifields says:

    Loved this! It’s a good length to share, the backdrop and music are fun, and the way you break things down helps us all clarify our thinking.
    Just two thoughts: “evolution” is indeed applied to everything- chemical, stellar, career- not just biological. I did notice you switched from saying “evolution” alone to “Darwinian evolution” at that point. I usually refer to Evolution with the assumption everyone knows I mean biological evolution, but that’s because things are obvious from the context. It makes sense to require a definition of biological evolution to only be true for living things, but I’m pretty sure there are many who assume the same processes are happening in the non-living world.
    “Stasis” is also a touchy word. Many people equivocate stasis with fixism; something that was popular in Darwin’s day and left the door wide open for a new paradigm that acknowledged the observed change in living things Aristotle’s view denied.

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