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“Big Questions need Friendly Answers. That’s why I’m your Rent A Friend.”

Your Rent-A-Friend is a Metaphysical Theologian (and sometimes a science teacher) who loves rubber ducks, bunnies, and his wife. He is a Christian who loves Jesus, and enjoys C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Peter Kreeft, Marc Driscoll, Tommy Nelson, and a host of other authors and speakers. He is here to help.
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6 Responses to About your Rent-a-Friend

  1. David says:

    Hi there, I came across your site and love it and am learning a lot, but I was curious your thoughts on Mark Driscoll. I’m surprised to see you’re a big fan; I liked him a lot but I feel like he’s strayed some and gotten a little reckless over the last couple years, as well as made some partnerships with some pastors and authors who don’t really fit the bill. Do you still consider yourself a fan? Would you recommend I keep reading his stuff?


  2. Hi David! Thanks for your comments,
    I do still consider myself a Marc Driscoll fan, though I’ll be honest and admit I don’t know what partnerships you refer to. I know he’s friendly with a huge host of people, from James McDonald to Rick Warren, and probably some people famous for less honorable reasons. But then we can’t condemn someone on their friendships over their doctrine or we have to side with the pharisees against Jesus. From what I have heard via podcast sermons, he still preaches the gospel clearly and the name of Jesus boldly, and I’m all for that. As for his books, I got Vintage Jesus a few years back and I remember liking it very much, and the recent book he authored with his wife about sex and marriage (Real Marriage) was also very good.

    Here’s my advice, and it comes from Kent Hovind, “You’ve got to eat the meat and spit out the bones.” When considering any teacher except Jesus, you will probably find somewhere they have missed the mark or are simply wrong. You can choose to accept their good teaching and ignore their limitations, or you can decide that their error is too great to continue learning from them (There are too many bones to eat without choking on, like some fish I’ve had).

    So, if Driscoll has done or said anything which is too boney to choke down, I don’t know about it. As for his books and sermons, I have enjoyed everything I have read or heard, and thus would still recommend him.
    Thanks again!

  3. David says:

    Thanks for those thoughts, that helps. You brought up James MacDonald, who is one of the people I’ve been concerned about with Mark. Their difficulties with the Gospel Coalition, all the stuff with that Elephant Room conference (I didn’t watch all of it but the clips were concerning, especially regarding T.D. Jakes)…do you know much about MacDonald, or at least enough to keep recommending him as well? I love a lot of his teaching but, like with Driscoll, he seems to be going in an odd direction lately and arousing a lot of controversy.

    Just want to be sure that I’m trusting the right people! 🙂

    Thanks again.

  4. cherifields says:

    Hi! I saw you just followed me, so I had to check out who this “rent-a-friend” was. I’m now signed up to get email updates. 😀
    BTW I haven’t posted anything new on my wordpress.com blog for over a year, If you want to get emails, you’ll need to drop by my sign up page: http://creationscience4kids.com/kids-resources/
    Feel free to delete this, I didn’t see a Contact page to email you.
    God bless!

    • I believe I’ve seen a lot of your stuff via twitter, and I recently realized that I never signed up to follow you.
      Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes social media is still a mystery to me.

      • cherifields says:

        LOL! Yes, quite, especially Twitter. I only have it to connect with pastors and am only active thanks to an autopost plugin. 🙂

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