Evolution 101- Part 21: Quick Death of the Diamond Squid

Remember, normal text is copied from Evolution 101 by the Understanding Evolution team! (Last years 3rd place at the “Understanding Evolution Bowl”) http://evolution.berkeley.edu/

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What would we observe in the fossil record if evolution happens in “quick” jumps (perhaps fewer than 100,000 years for significant change)?
If evolution happens in “quick” jumps, we’d expect to see big changes happen quickly in the fossil record, with little transition between ancestor and descendant.diamond squid 2

In the above example, we see the descendant preserved in a layer directly after the ancestor, showing a big change in a short time, with no transitional forms.

When evolution is rapid, transitional forms may not be preserved, even if fossils are laid down at regular intervals. We see many examples of this “quick” jumps pattern in the fossil record.

Or maybe you see quick jumps because you have found two different species and the transition never existed. A lack of transition is exactly what the biblical model would predict, because there would be no half cat /half dog, or half bird /half lizard. Each creature reproduces according to its KIND. But worse than the assumption of the evolutionary theory here is the gross misrepresentation of what is found in the rock layers. Paleontologists do not find fossils in neat layers like this. This layering of simple forms to more complex forms is created after the fact as illustrations like the one above. In the real rocks, there is no assortment of creatures. Clams and fish are found with T Rex and flamingos. Clams are found on the top of Mt Everest. Footprints are found in rocks supposedly older than the first tetrapod (4 legged creature) and birds are found in layers supposedly older than the first dinosaur to grow feathers and start evolving into a chicken. Modern human footprints are found in rock layers supposedly MILLIONS of years older than the first human. The geological column is pieced together by imagination based on the evolutionary bias. It does NOT exist.

Does a jump in the fossil record necessarily mean that evolution has happened in a “quick” jump?
We expect to see a jump in the fossil record if evolution has occurred as a “quick” jump, but a jump in the fossil record can also be explained by irregular fossil preservation.

 diamond squid 3

This possibility can make it difficult to conclude that evolution has happened rapidly.

Does anyone else hear the laundry list of excuses? Where else does a scientific model get this much legal defense and yet still make so many excuses? When I teach gravity, I don’t have a lot of “What should we think it we let go of a brick and it fails to fall” lessons. What they essentially have said is, “No matter what the observed data, evolution has happened.” When I say this is faith and not science, this is a fine example of what I am talking about.

We observe examples of both slow, steady change and rapid, periodic change in the fossil record. Both happen.

So evolution happens so slowly that we can’t observe it, and it happens so fast that it doesn’t have time to leave the expected transitional forms. Yes, sometimes we find a variety in the fossil record which is no longer around today, but that doesn’t make it a transition between any two KNDS, only two varieties of the SAME kind. Sometimes- in fact, very often- we just find fossils of things that are still around, like bats, turtles, platypuses, cats, dogs, snakes, fish, clams, birds, etc. Many of which have not evolved AT ALL even on their view, and many of which wind up found in rock layers which- on the evolutionary view- were laid down BEFORE that species own ancestors was supposed to have evolved. This is when a fossil becomes “Controversial.”

But scientists are trying to determine which pace is more typical of evolution and how each sort of evolutionary change happens.

I’m skipping the part that follows, because it’s not really anything new except that it applies some concepts to ancient silverfish instead of modern fruit flies. You can read about fruit flies HERE in Part 16.

This next part is always fun to watch them dance around:

a. Explosion: About 530 million years ago, a huge variety of marine animals suddenly burst onto the evolutionary scene. (Of course, “suddenly,” in geological terms, means in perhaps 10 million years).

Let me illuminate this: For billions of years (on their view) the earth had nothing but single celled bacteria. All of a sudden, they not only accidentally mutated enough information to create multi-cellular life forms, but ALL of the still existing Phyla. Suddenly means, there are no fossils to fill in as transitions before these guys all show up at the same time, almost as if they were created as these separate phyla, as we have found nothing which could be transitional between them.  Also, they managed to evolve into phyla which were ALL so successful that they are still ALL around today. Talk about beginner’s luck! If you can’t see how this explosion completely fails to sit the evolutionary story, yet totally fits the creation account, then I haven’t done my job. Or maybe you aren’t paying attention. Why should I take all the flack around here?

These animals had a variety of new body forms that evolution has been using to produce “spin-offs” ever since, such as these representatives from the Burgess Shale.fossils and friends

b. Extinction: About 225 million years ago, over 90% of the species alive at the time went extinct in fewer than 10 million years.

Yes, they couldn’t swim. They went extinct in 150 days, which, the authors correctly identify here as ‘fewer than 10 million years.’ Although they shouldn’t have rounded 4400BC up to the nearest 225 Million years. That skews the data a little.

Some groups that were dominant before the extinction never recovered. The cause of this extinction is the subject of much debate, but of equal significance is that it set the stage for a massive diversification of taxa that filled the empty niches.

Why the debate? Because despite the many lines of observable evidence and scientific reasoning that tell us that the many rock layers were laid down by water, rapidly (Like the huge deposits of sandstone, chalks, and conglomerates) and that the fossils are mainly resulting from major water related catastrophe (Like entire herds of dinosaurs who drowned as they were buried, and the MANY fossils of birds, dinosaurs and marine animals in the ‘death pose’ indicating they died fighting for air) and that the fossils were formed rapidly (such as fossil jellyfish) the evolutionists will not tolerate any explanations which give credence to the biblical account of creation or the flood. Otherwise, it would be fairly obvious that the only explanation which makes sense is a global flood.

When Charles Lyell invented (Not discovered or calculated) the ancient, deep time version of earth history and a geology to go with it, he did it with the expressed intent of replacing the history of the world as written in the Bible. Darwin based part of his theory on Lyell’s work, and then Lyell used Darwin’s work to support his own. Anti-creationists have been fighting tooth and claw to hang onto both ever since, despite the weak and often missing evidence for either. millions of years graph

I’d just like to remind you, as you look at the chart above, of the large and growing collection of creatures which get grouped under the category of “Living Fossil,” meaning they were THOUGHT to have gone extinct, but did not. That’s all. Just a reminder. Enjoy your chart of mass extinctions.

Also, for more on the topics above, check out these great episodes of Genesis Week, staring robotics engineer and certified genius, Ian Juby:
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Join me next week for part 22.


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